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Take a quick tour of our facilities. You’ll be able to see our capabilities to operate horizontal, vertical, and submersible pumps in our own test chambers. Let’s explore what kind of evaluation is best for you, including difficult applications and engineering and end user requirements.

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  • Test flows up to 2,500 gpm
  • Discharge pressure up to 150 psig
  • 120 volt up to 5 hp
  • 208/230 volt up to 25 hp
  • 460 volt up to 200 hp
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) for 460 volt up to 125 hp
  • Magnetic Flow Meters for 3 inch and 8 inch lines up to 2,500 gpm
  • Standards can be adjusted to meet specific custom requests
  • Submersible test pits available
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