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Start-Up and Shut-Off

Start-Up and Shut-Off Procedure for Heated and Unheated Mag Drive Pumps

(This procedure does not replace the operation Instruction handbook.)


    • 1. The nominal motor power must not exceed the pump's allowed maximum capacity (compare rating plates of motor and pump).
    • 2. Check direction of rotation with disconnected coupling.
    • 3. Check alignment of coupling.
    • 4. Check ease of pump operation by hand.
    • 5. Attach coupling protection.
    • 6. Connect thermocouples, dry run protection, pressure gauges, etc.
    • 7. Connect heater for heated pumps.
    • 8. Connect cooling system (if required).
    • 9. Attention: Insulation must not cover roller bearings.


    • 1. Preheat heated pumps for a minimum of 2 hours.
    • 2. Open pressure valve.
    • 3. Open suction valve completely and fill pump.
    • 4. After 2-3 minutes close pressure valve.
    • 5. In case of external cooling, switch on coolant flow.
    • 6. Start motor.
    • 7. Subsequently open pressure valve slowly until pump reaches specified performance level.


    • 1. Close pressure valve.
    • 2. Shut off motor. Allow pump to slow down smoothly.
    • 3. In case of external cooling, shut off coolant flow.
    • 4. Close suction valve.


  • Throttling must not be done with the suction valve.
  • Never shut off the pump with the suction valve.
  • Pump must never run dry.
  • Never run the pump against a closed pressure valve.
  • The pump motor unit must run vibration free.
  • Temperature of roller bearings must not exceed tolerated limit.