Cascade Pump Announcement

Beckwith & Kuffel is excited to announce that we can now offer mixed and axial flow pumps from Cascade Pump Company for industrial applications.

Why we’re excited: Cascade is the largest exclusive producer of Axial Flow and Mixed Flow pumping equipment in the world. They are USA designed, engineered, produced, and tested, and comply with the Buy American provision of the ARRA requirements.

What it means for our customers: Applications include mining, pulp & paper, cooling tower, desalination plants, fish hatcheries, circulating water, irrigation, drainage, wave pools, theme parks, fountains, dry docks, golf courses, food processing, hydro turbines, shrimp/fish farms, airport/highway drainage, water tunnels for marine labs and many more.

Find out more: Click here for more about Cascade Pump. This new partnership complements our wide spectrum of products, and allows us to offer even more diverse choices when designing creative solutions for you!